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Hospitality, Leisure & Sports is a larger category of disciplines that has given rise to a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sports Management, Hospitability Management, Culinary Arts, Event Management, and Tourism & Leisure. You should choose one of these disciplines if you love socialising, traveling, preparing tasty dishes, events, or managing sport teams or businesses. Hospitality, Leisure & Sports has been growing in popularity because it helps students transform their passions into successful careers. Courses in Hospitality, Leisure & Sports focus on different goals. You can either learn how to become an excellent chef, make sure events are well organised, learn how to cater to the needs of tourists and make sure they have a great experience, or discover how to manage sports teams and other departments within the industry. During classes, you’ll develop skills such as people and business management, planning and organising, marketing, as well as communication and cooperation. These will be useful especially if you’ll work in a multicultural environment. Studying Hospitality, Leisure & Sports is a great experience, especially if you like interacting and helping people. You might help couples find the perfect honeymoon destination, or make sure that guests in your hotel always leave 5-star reviews. If you’re passionate about cities and architecture, be that guide who answers every question on the tour and knows the best places to eat and take one-of-a-kind photos. People who graduate Hospitality, Leisure & Sports choose careers such as: travel agent, hotel and resort staff, tour guide, restaurant manager, athletic director, personal chef, and others.

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