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    • "I was very fond of the French language and was looking up for a course that would teach me the French language. A few months back, I started a French Language course with Eduxpress and the experience......

      Samridhi, Amritsar
    • "Eduxpress is an excellent medium in order to build confidence in aspects like speaking, listening and reading more fluently in English and also an excellent medium to prepare for language exam like IELTS...."

      Radhika, Delhi
    • The flow of the classes and the content is systematic and thorough. It gives a good idea about how an IELTS exam is conducted and what is its format. The material provided is of good quality and compels the ....

      Madhav, Delhi
    • I am Learning french through EduXpress. My French lessons are going really well. The teacher (Ms. Kareena) is teaching really well. She makes the lesson very easy to learn and understand.

      Arjun, Ranchi