Online education

  • Online education

    • 21 Jul 2021

    Online education is an old phenomenon. It has its roots in distance education. The beauty of digital learning is that it serves the needs of a wide variety of students across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed education drastically with the distinctive rise in e-learning. Most large public and private universities now offer online courses and many have fully or partially online undergraduate and/or graduate programs. As an educator I have started believing that online education when done well has incredible benefits, especially to learners. With the help of online education, teachers can efficiently and effectively reach out their students through chat groups, video conferencing, and document sharing which is really beneficial during the pandemic. This has helped the teachers and students to set their own learning pace and there's the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone's agenda. 

    Not only this, students get the opportunity to network with people who broaden their perspective and they become culturally aware. Online education comes in shades of grey as well. Teachers and students have to face some challenges while e-learning like internet connectivity issues and sometimes teachers don't have necessary resources and tools to conduct online classes. Also, it becomes difficult to focus on screens for longer period. Only a small part of Indian population has access to online education. Hence, to make this virtual way of learning more education, accessible and safer various training programmes and schemes have been developed by the government of India. Online education opens up a lot of possibilities for both the students and the teachers. With good vision, sincere efforts and time, India can go way ahead.