Acquiring Knowledge

  • Acquiring Knowledge

    • 22 Oct 2020

    This is in continuation to my post yesterday - "Knowledge With Communication Skills Is A Sure Winner".

    Knowledge is not only what you acquire in the school or college. It is also what you acquire at home from your parents and relatives. It is also what you acquire from friends during your interactions with them. You also acquire knowledge later from the print and electronic media, books, social media, etc. And most importantly knowledge comes from life experiences. However, to acquire all this knowledge you have to keep your antenna wide open to accept all the transmission that is taking place. And once you accept, it is up to you to select what you have to delete and what you have to save.

    In school or college it is observed that one accepts only those portions that helps in scoring high in the examinations. In school high score is needed to get admission in the college and in the college high score is needed to get a good job. Must also appreciate that, not necessarily there will be a difference in the knowledge of a student scoring 95% above and one scoring 90% above. May be on the particular exam day the student, though knowing all, could not answer for one reason or the other. Once this is achieved, the admission to higher institute or securing a job, no one asks you as to how much you scored in your final examinations. It is then that overall knowledge is, what gives one a real lead over others in life.

    In this overall knowledge is included what you acquire from your parents, relatives and friends, as mentioned initially. In real life it is your attitude, your behaviour, your empathy towards someone who needs support etc. which will take you to great heights.

    One must remember that acquiring knowledge is a continuous process. There is no end to learning. Who knew that an engineering graduate who topped the university twenty years back, will have to relearn the technology offered today. Or take the current example of a teacher, following the pandemic. Did any teacher foresee that instead of teaching in the class with a black board, online teaching will have to be done. Same goes in every field. If one does not update with the current trends there are much chances of such persons becoming redundant.

    Acquiring the right knowledge will be key to success.

    Thought by Vijay Maroo