Knowledge With Communication Skills Is A Sure Winner

  • Knowledge With Communication Skills Is A Sure Winner

    • 22 Oct 2020

    Was hearing a podcast* in which the host Kartikeyan Khator and Abhimanyu Gupta were in conversation with Kim Kaupe (co-founder of The Superfan Company, New York | Shark Tank Starrer | Forbes 30 under 30). In this Kim Kaupe, in the end, mentioned of 'Knowledge being the new currency'. I fully agree with Kim. However, would like to add that with knowledge one must have good communication skills.

    Neither just knowledge nor just communication skill is enough to take you to great heights. There would be many with so much of knowledge, but they lag behind if they do not have a good knack to take their message across. Be it our 'dharam gurus', our political leaders or management experts, one will see that those with good communication skills and grasp over their subject, are the ones to whom one listens, who become icons.

    On the other side if you see a great orator talking rubbish, talking without knowledge of the subject, you for sure will not listen to him/her again.

    If one has both these traits, there is nothing to stop the person from reaching great heights.

    Time we realised the importance and start making special efforts to acquire these qualities. And make sure that the children at home, from early age, are guided through to learn these to be a winner always.

     (*To listen to the full half an hour podcast click )

    -Vijay Maroo