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Prospective students looking to study abroad often don't initially know where or what they want to study, creating a unique opportunity for higher education institutions to reach students in the awareness and consideration phase of their journey.

Here we support students on their learning journey with relevant articles and provide you with strategic campaigns to help you overcome student recruitment challenges and reach your goals.

  • Key Benefits

    BRAND AWARENESS Millions Platform Visits

    Influence millions of international prospective students across our platform. With more than Million annual visits Eduxpress.in is a great choice for your brand awareness activities.

  • Recruitment

    Unlimited Organic Student Leads

    Add a passive lead generation channel to your international student recruitment strategy. Next to unlimited organic leads come unlimited click throughs/referral traffic to your website.

  • Scaling

    Customer Portal Access

    Access to your customer portal includes content management, campaign statistics, number of leads, student reviews tool and monthly campaign reports. Our customer success manager can talk you through the profile set up and help with marketing, tracking & scaling.